We are Gracemount Community Church



We’re now meeting together on Sundays at 11am at Valley Park Community Centre [37 Southhouse Road, EH17 8EU]

We are made up of people who are FROM Gracemount, and want to be a church that is FOR the people of Gracemount.

Our lives have been changed forever by Jesus Christ. His perfect life, his death in our place on the cross, and his resurrection from death mean that we no longer live in slavery to guilt, shame, or fear. Instead we have a new life of freedom, forgiveness, purpose and hope. As a church, we love to listen to God as He speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. It’s a book that makes sense of our lives here, and shows us how Jesus gives eternal life beyond this world.

We also love Gracemount. It’s our home. We know for sure that our lives have added to the brokenness of our community. But we also know what difference Jesus can make to people’s lives. And so we are desperate to tell others about him.

That’s why we’ve started Gracemount Community Church.

For us church is not some religious building we go to every now and then. We are the church. And it’s not some get together for religious folk. It’s more like a hospital for people who know they’re sick. For us church is family. It’s all of life. It’s everyday. That’s why we’ve got the word ‘community’ in our name.

We meet every Sunday to hear from God’s Word and to respond together to God’s Word. The doors open at 10:45 if you want to come for a cuppa before hand, and we have stuff on for kids during the service too. We’re pretty relaxed and informal, so don’t worry about getting dressed up or thinking you’ve got to get your life together before you come through the door.

If you want a preview of what happens on Sundays you can listen to previous talks from GCC on our YouTube channel. Just search for ‘Gracemount Community Church.’

GCC is pastored and led by our elders Kenny Armstrong, Sol Fenne, and Andy Prime, and is a church plant from Niddrie Community Church [www.niddrie.org] and part of 20schemes [www.20schemes.com].

Scottish Charity Number | SC048054

You can contact us on: gracemountcommunitychurch@gmail.com

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We really do want to be a church that is FOR Gracemount. So whether you’ve been to a church loads before, or have only been into one for a wedding or funeral, or have never set foot in the door of one before, we’d love to have you along to any of the things we do. If you want more information, have questions, or even suggestions about how a church could serve Gracemount, feel free to get in touch.